Louisiana and the Gulf Coast Region

are known first and foremost for their access to the Gulf of Mexico and other coastal waterways and all the business that goes along with this unique position. Our region is dominated by an active and successful oil and gas industry as well as seafood, manufacturing, gaming, and pleasure boating. The Mississippi River and the Port of New Orleans represent one of the Nation’s most traveled waterways and active cargo facilities.

Our Admiralty and Maritime practice includes defending employers and owners in a broad range of matters, including:
  • Marine insurance and coverage advice and litigation issues
  • Casualties from collision, fire, groundings, pipeline accidents, salvage and towage problems
  • Maritime liens and attachments and vessel seizures
  • Maritime personal injury defense
  • Products liability and asbestos defense
  • Bankruptcy
Our attorneys have significant experience with the patchwork of remedies available to those injured on the high seas and in inland waters. We have experience in handling seamen’s personal injury claims under the Jones Act, maintenance and cure issues, and the unseaworthiness doctrine, as well as the remedies available to non-seamen, including the Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act (LHWCA).

Because some matters involve complex coverage and contractual issues involving vessel owners, passengers, employees, independent contractors or cargo, our attorneys are regularly involved in analysis of complex insurance and contract matters. We are well-versed in the Master Service Agreements and Charter Parties routinely used offshore, as well as the indemnity issues that arise from these contracts under the LHWCA, the Louisiana Oilfield Indemnity Act (LOIA) and the Texas Oilfield Indemnity Act (TOIA). It is always our first priority to dispose of matters in a thorough coverage and contract analysis rather than through litigation. However, should litigation become necessary, our attorneys have substantial experience in resolving maritime litigation in aggressive motion practice, trial, or mediation, arbitration, and settlement.
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