Class action litigation has become the vehicle of choice for the plaintiffs’ bar.

Our attorneys have decades of experience defending these types of cases before state and federal courts in Louisiana and other states.

Class actions bring with them enormous paper, a myriad of facts, innumerable parties, and other immeasurable aspects that make them a challenge. Our attorneys are experienced in reducing the tangle of evidence and facts to assist clients in developing a strategy. We have discovered during our decades of experience that digitization of documents, depositions, statements, reports and the like is extremely helpful. Yet, the electronic support alone cannot and does not eliminate the need for traditional litigation processes and skills. We have trained para-professionals to assist in the assimilation of the facts and we recommend utilizing such personnel when appropriate.

We first analyze the documents, capture the facts and build a strategy with our clients. Our attorneys have developed a network of experts to help address certification issues relevant to exposure or dispersion, and they have the legal know how to address issues of commonality, numerosity, etc. Our attorneys have experience in choosing bellwether plaintiffs and working up the evidence in such trials and for settlement purposes when necessary. In some instances and depending on our client’s goals, class certification is a means of resolving issues at one time or for one price. Once resolved, we strive to minimize our client’s continued exposure via opt outs.

Because we have been at it for so long, we have devised the methods for conducting the defense of class actions in as cost effective way possible. Our attorneys are well aware of our clients’ risk in these matters and we are resolute in our determination to provide our legal services in accordance with their strategies.
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